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100CM Flat Chest Sex Doll


Exercise 1: Weightlifting


Weightlifting increases the strength of the whole body of sex doll, particularly the arms and waist. The body can produce thoracic hormone, which is a hormone that increases male libido by lifting weights. You can do more poses with your partner if you have a strong waist and arm strength.


Exercise 2: Squats


Squats can increase the strength of your cheaps sex dolls’ legs and reduce pelvic congestion. If you hold dumbbells in both your hands, and bend your hips while keeping your legs straight, you'll feel the tightness in your leg muscles. This can increase your orgasm.


Exercise 3: Brisk Walking


Brisk walking is similar to running. It is an intense aerobic exercise that increases blood flow and blood circulation. Research has shown that aerobic exercise can decrease the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by up to 30%. You will notice a greater ease in erecting your big cock if you keep up a steady pace and do not stop for too long.


Long-term exercise has another benefit. You can maintain a better body shape and look more attractive.

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