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The advancements in technology have an enormous impact on what the qualities of silicone dolls. In simple terms it is a mix of silicon polymer with hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. It is non-toxic, safe and smells non-odourless. It is thermally stable as well as outstanding chemical properties. It is extremely soft and does not create any allergic reactions and is fantastic when having an interaction with the female sex doll. Additionally they are realistic sex dolls usually instances have an heating mechanism, and can be characterized by a the same temperature as a human body.




A doll made of silicone is the most realistic features of any other type of doll.


It is less sensitive to heating


It's easy to clean and sterilize


It is hypoallergenic.


It is impervious to stains on clothes as well as heat and temperatures.


-Doesn't require frequent maintenance




The price is higher than other dolls.


It can be sticky when touched.


Body parts will not move when you shake it, however this is not the situation with TPE.


Feels more thicker when touched


Apart from Silicone dolls as well as TPE cheap sex dolls there are also rubber dolls at a lower cost that range from 100 to 500 dollars. But unlike TPE and silicone they are porous which means bacteria and mold could start growing on them at an early stage. Apart from dolls made of rubber, there are dolls made from fabric that are more rare and less well-known since they don't have the feeling of skin-like touches.


There are a variety of factors that you should be aware of when choosing the mini sex doll material. Consider your requirements and select the best one that meets your preferences and needs.

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