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Q: Is it possible to buy the head and body separately from different brands?


A: Yes. As long as they use the exact same connectors. We do not recommend that you combine these components from different factories.


These are the reasons:


1. There may be slight color differences between the head of the body and the head, as different companies have different color standards.


2. It is important to ensure that the measurements of the two sections are equal. For example, the head must be able to fit perfectly on the body.


Q: Is it possible to have my silicone doll's clit pierced?


A: We do not suggest you do so. The silicone material will likely tear if there are any holes or cracks in it. This will negatively impact the life span of your sex doll.


Q: What is the purpose of the hymen option for teen sex doll?


A: The factory will attach a membrane to the dolls’ vagina. This means that the initial penetration will result with the hymen breaking down for an extremely realistic first time.


Q: If I want to have the hymen option, do I need the fixed vagina?


A: Yes. If you wish to have the hymen option, please select the fixed vagina. The hymen option cannot be used with the replaceable vagina.


Q: Is it possible to repair my mini sex doll using any glue that is available at the grocery store?


A: TPE and silicone dolls do not need special glue to "heal" their woes. Use conventional glues sparingly as they can cause damage to the material. Both types of glues are included in our doll care kit. For more information, please visit this link


It's good news! ALDOLL will soon have its own cheap sex dolls fillers. This glue can fill in the pits and grooves of your love dolls.


Q: Can the manufacturer make minor adjustments to my order? Like sculpting bigger labia?


A: The doll's form must be altered to determine whether modifications are possible. The doll's form is not adjustable as the mold used is the standard. We cannot modify the doll's shape if you wish to create larger labia. However, we can paint large areolas with no change in shape.


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