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Many top brands of sex dolls are striving to make their dolls more real. Alongside the appearance they have also implemented some internal improvements, like EVO standing feet, EVO and so on. These all make the dolls more real.


In order to make these dolls more real to look more real, an upgrade of the heating system inside is available. This allows you to warm the dolls in the interior. In this article we will provide more information about this system of heating internal to the doll and how to heat your flat chest sex doll.


Facts You Need to Know About Internal Heating System


The heating systems of various dolls are usually slightly different, however they function in the same manner. If a doll is sex and has internal heating systems there are wires running through the doll's body and private areas. There is a outlet that plugs into the body of the doll. Connect the doll into an outlet on the wall, then the temperatures will increase to the desired temperature within about 20-30 minutes.


How to Use Internal Heating System(WM DOLL)


1. The power adapter should be connected to your power outlet. Hit the switch on the adapter, and it will flash green.


2. Connect the other end of the adapter to your main source of power of your doll's body. Then you can be able to see the temperature current of the doll through the display of temperature.


3. Set the temperature at set at 48 degrees Celsius and let it heat for around 50 minutes. A temperature monitor will show the temperature of the body of your mini sex doll while heating.




1. During the heating process the cheap sex doll needs to be laid on its back, with its legs and arms straight. Don't alter the doll's joints, or change its position.


2. Covering the doll with a blanket could enhance the efficiency of heating.


3. In general, the teen sex doll will remain warm 3 to 4 hours after heating. However, it will differ based on the temperature in the room.



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