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Before taking the first bath or shower of your gorgeous creature it is essential to:


- Guard the metal connecting elements that permit the face to be attached on the body. You can apply plastic films or an ointment layer to shield.


- Guard the metal components beneath the foot (if they are).


- Ensure that the face is not submerged in water.


The goal is to prevent contact between the water and the metal components, as well as to stop water from entering the body or the face of the petite sex doll. There's nothing more harmful than water that is stagnant, and drying is a difficult task even if it was impossible.


If you are looking to keep the original makeup of the workshops, it is essential to be aware of the eyes, mouth and lips that are vaginal, and also the areolas. They are coated with an impermanent makeup that will wear off with time. It is therefore recommended that you do not insist on cleaning, rinsing and repeat rubs over these spots. If the makeup begins to lose its sparkle and intensity You can adjust the makeup yourself using commercial makeup products for women.


The other body organs are also delicate (toes and fingers) So ensure that you clean them gentle and with care. Avoid using too much force.

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