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We're also curious to see if there's any correlation between state (or country) GDP and interest in sex doll. To determine this, in the United States, the higher the GDP per capita, the lower the interest in mini sex doll. In Europe, the opposite is true, with countries with higher GDP per capita tend to show a higher interest in sex dolls. There, the distinction between countries is more pronounced, with low GDP countries showing lower search volumes almost exclusively.

The keywords we used for our research were primarily sourced from an industry report by Staticial, which measures the market share of popular sex dolls. We manually collected keywords for the best-selling products on several major sex toy e-commerce sites such as Adam & Eve. We use generic keywords rather than brand-specific keywords. The only exception is flesh light, which has become synonymous with "aircraft cups" from our initial survey data.

For non-English language markets, we used local online adult entertainment stores to identify similar keywords used in their respective countries. We used the Google Trends tool to determine the relative popularity of each keyword across the country. We use this data, along with the U.S. Census census report, to prorate the estimated search volume to each U.S. state. Gross domestic product (GDP) and average income data come from the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. All demographic data are from the U.S. Census Bureau or the CIA World Fact book.


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