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The least-recommended method of storage is standing!


A few friends attempt to avoid the hassle by letting the sex doll rest against the wall. This isn't the right method of storing it! The ALDOLL editor wants to remind everyone that the majority of bbw sex doll purchased don't support standing although some top-quality brand names of sexual dolls look the identical.


Manufacturers will stress that they are able to just stand up for a limited period of time. Because the sex doll constructed from TPE is extremely delicate, when it stands the entire weight is focused on the bottom of your feet, which could make the sole break and reveal the skeleton of metal outside toes. So take care not to extend all lengths and lengths on the sex doll. Stand up straight, otherwise the cash will be wasted when the soles of its feet have been tear-free, and the doll will not be complete.


Seated in a anime sex doll


It may seem that it is safe to allow the sex doll to sit on the couch, but it's not. Similar to the sole of the foot that is torn due to standing or sitting, sitting positions put the weight on the hips and lead to cracks in those hip bone. If you are looking to maintain your sitting posture and want to avoid injury, after sitting for a couple of days you change into an sex-doll position like lying on your back or hanging.


This is the information regarding the storage and positioning of sexually explicit dolls. Did you learn this?


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