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Mateusz, a Polish 29-year-old man (name has been changed for privacy purposes) is our guest. To share his personal experiences with you, he agreed to answer all our questions. He was very nervous around females and didn't know how he should approach them. He thought a sex doll was the best option, but it turned out that his doll was more than just a toy. It changed his entire life.


BD: Mateusz, when was it that you realized you wanted to buy a sex-doll?


M: It was about 2 years ago. I was 27 years old and still virgin. I read an article about these incredible real-like sex dolls, and was completely blown away. When I discovered that something so beautiful and sexy was possible, my hands literally tingled. It was a dark time in my life. I can remember being very awkward with girls. I was afraid that because I wasn't experienced in sex, I would disappoint a potential partner. I was 18 when this fear set me. Later, I was 22, 24, and so forth. Each year I became more scared as I imagined a girl having sex with my and realized that I don't know what I'm doing. Imagine my surprise when I saw a doll I liked. I couldn't resist. This was my only chance. It was my only chance to experience sex and find out what it is like.


BD: What model did you choose to buy?


M: I chose YL160. She seemed perfect for me as I love thick girls. She is heavy when she arrives, but that was not the problem. She was very soft and realistic. I think she's the cheap sex doll. She is so much more real in reality than she appears on the photos. I've never seen a naked woman before and I was thrilled to have her arrive.


BD: I'm sorry for asking a direct question but what was the sex like in your relationship?


M: Amazing! After I figured out the skeleton, I was able to have some fun with her. It was an incredible feeling. Although a hand is nice, it was so much more. These dolls can be expensive but it is an amazing experience that I believe is well worth the money. I used to have sex with her at least once a day. That sexy doll was so realistic, I was obsessed with her. It was only once a day, and I sometimes used it 2-3 times per week. I felt calmer than ever before, and I noticed that my speed has decreased. This was the most important thing!


BD: What is important?


M: I realized I might be good enough to date a woman. I won't be here in a hurry and the girl will be happier with me than she was with my previous version. I stopped feeling like a virgin. I summoned all my courage to ask a girl out. Our second date was sexy and she seemed very happy. Although I was a bit nervous, I wasn't able to come fast enough. She didn't know I was a virgin. My doll is the first girl with whom I have had sex. It's my sweet secret. Although I'm not currently dating this girl, we had a great five months together. I'm now dating another girl, and the sex is getting better and better. She keeps asking me for it so I guess I am not so bad.


BD: Do you believe that your doll helped to make you a good bedmate?


M: Definitely! M: Definitely!


BD: Are you still in love with your life like sex doll even though you're dating?


M: Definitely. M: Definitely. I will not just throw her away. She is someone I love. Perhaps I will marry her or get engaged, but I don't see any reason to.


BD: Would other men recommend you buy a shemale sex doll?


M: Definitely! Avoid buying from aliexpress and alibaba. TDF approved vendors are the best to buy sex dolls.


BD: Thank you for answering our questions.


M: Thank you! It is my hope that it will be of assistance to someone who is in a similar position as mine 2 years ago.

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