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People may say that sex should be a thing only for young men, as they are passionate and strong. They forgot one thing: Young people are often too anxious and have a tendency to "crash" quickly due to their explosive power. Kavin Zhou Shaohu was chief physician at the Department of Urology of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He told the reporter of As a matter fact, older men are more capable of controlling their emotions and can do whatever they want in sex.


Men will experience physiological changes after the age 50. As a result, men will experience a series of physiological changes. For example, the time it takes to erection is longer than when they were younger. The frequency and duration of the rhythmic contractions that occur during ejaculation are reduced. Also, the refractory period following ejaculation can be significantly extended.


While men may experience these changes, the important thing is that they still have the ability to erectile function. Older men also have an advantage: their ability to control ejaculation is far superior to that of younger men. The elderly can be more sexually active than the young and therefore have a longer time in sex. Couples live longer together and are more open to each other. This allowed them to relieve their time pressure. This has a significant impact on the quality of sexual lives.Finally,how about buy a teen sex doll?ALDOLL offer many kinds of cheap sex dolls such us mini sex doll, anime sex doll and bbw sex doll.

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