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To wash your face, take the head off of the body as well as the hair (if feasible). Use a soft sponge with antibacterial soap and gently rub down the facts. Particularly pay attention to the eyelashes and the eyes since you don't want to get the eyelashes wet.


Then gently wipe the face using a clean, non-abrasive towel to get rid of all moisture leaving it for at least an hour to naturally dry.


It is vital to not drown your doll's head in any water.


What NOT DOING Cleaning Your Sex Doll


Do not skip the following steps while cleaning your mini sex doll. This is vital to extend the life span of your doll:


Make use of any cleaning product that can react with silicone skin or TPE skin


Avoid using sharp objects to clean the anime sex doll, as this may result in puncturing the skin


Be careful not to get your neck or head submerged in the water.


Don't apply excessive pressure on the doll's skin during cleaning or drying the cheap sex dolls , as it could result in tears.


Do not use a hair dryer or blow-dryer in order to dry the teen sex doll. it will most likely cause the doll to get damaged.


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