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Do not move your sex toys around. Because they are made of strong metal, custom sex dolls can be very heavy. When carrying sex dolls, be careful not to drop heavy objects or strike them with your hands. Sharp objects and overstretching her limbs with sharp objects will cause damage to her skin. The love doll is made from a metal skeleton and has many fixed and mobile joints. She can perform various poses for your pleasure. Be gentle, but not too rough. Otherwise the joints will become loose and the baby's legs will move.


You can dress up big booty sex doll with sexy lingerie. Sex dolls are not required to have a job or go to social events. They can also wear the same underwear as humans. She will only go out with her owner if she is in a wheelchair or car. For her, basic underwear is sufficient as she spends most of her day at home in her bedroom.


Male reproductive organs remain in a moist state which allows for bacteria growth. It is possible to cause scrotal or jock itch. This can reduce the male's self-confidence and libido for a long period. Be sure to clean your reproductive area before and after you have sex. Also, make sure you dry the area well. Wear breathable underwear. Relax with a bbw sex doll. People love to relax on a soft, comfortable sofa after work. Sitting for longer than 30 minutes can cause damage to the scrotum and increase the temperature. It will also delay blood circulation, slow down the production of spermatogenic cell, decrease sperm quality, and reduce testosterone production. To avoid any serious damage to your reproductive system, do not sit for too long. Instead, use a sofa or soft chair to rest on. Every half hour, stand for 10 minutes.


How do you choose a trusted sex store? There are many sex store options available when searching for sex toys. Everybody wants to spend their money on the best sex toys. But, until you get sex toys, it's impossible to feel their quality. How do you determine which store is the most reliable? How do you find a trusted sex store? These are my 3 tips. If you follow the three tips above, I guarantee that you won't buy a fake sex doll.


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