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People notice other features such as the head and face when they see sex dolls. These features can be either a deal-breaker or deal-maker. Although most ALDOLL cheap sex doll use TPE for their faces, there are also options for heads made of silicone.


The price of the doll will affect the lifelikeness of the doll's facial statue. The dolls of earlier ALDOLL dolls looked more real than the newer dolls. Virtually all ALDOLL sex dolls today have a very realistic head and face. It is important to remember that the more money you spend on a mini sex doll for sex, the more realistic it will appear and feel.


ALDOLL dolls can also be purchased with interchangeable heads. This is a great addition. You can purchase one ALDOLL doll with multiple heads, so you can easily change the doll's appearance whenever you want. The same goes for doll hair. This is more like purchasing one ALDOLL doll, and then getting five.


Size and weight


A sex doll's size will vary depending on its dimensions. An ALDOLL cheap sex doll should be between 65 and 90 pounds, which is ideal for sex. You can feel real, even when she's fucked so hard.


ALDOLL dolls are light enough that you can easily move and change positions. As with other sex toys, you won't need to help. Remember to take into consideration your health and strength when purchasing sex dolls.


You may choose a lighter ALDOLL doll doll if you are unable to lift heavy objects or are not in good physical condition. Remember that your goal is to have fun with the sex experience. It's not worth trying to maneuver the doll around or get it in the right position.

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