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Multi-Pose matching works almost exactly the same way as a Pose Matching node except that multiple animations can be specified and the node will choose which animation to use as well as the pose. This can be extremely useful for things like ‘stop’ animations where the multi-pose matching node will automatically pick the stop animation with the correct foot forward as the pose is matched.

Note: the backend for all pose matching nodes is identical and therefore they all operate in the same way. Therefore, this user manual will not repeat similar information for each node but rather just information that is unique to the specific pose matching node.

Initial Setup

For the most part, the initial setup for the multi-pose matching node is identical to the pose matching node except, an array of animations is set instead of a single animation.

Step 1: Create the Multi-Pose Matching Node

Step 2: Add all desired animations to the animations array in the details panel. In the below example, both left and right footed animations are added.

Step 3: Refer to identical process on the Pose Matching node

Distance Matching

The Multi-Pose matching node supports distance matching. Please see the section on ‘Distance Matching’ for details on how this works.

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