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Installing from Epic Launcher

‘Motion Symphony’ is a plugin for Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). Like most UE5 plugins they can be easily installed via the Epic Games Launcher after purchase. Simply locate the plugin in your library and choose ‘Install’. You will then be prompted to install the plugin to a specific engine version. Motion Symphony 2.0 supports UE5.3+ so select the appropriate version. The plugin will then be downloaded and installed to the chosen engine version.

Note: For versions older than UE5.2, only Motion Symphony 1.X can be used. It is highly recommended to use Motion Symphony with UE5.3 and newer.

Installing From Source

If you have access to source via the Github repository or by other means then please follow these steps:

Step 1: Copy or clone the ‘MotionSymphony’ source folder into your projects plugins folder. (If you project doesn’t have a plugins folder, create one)

Note: There are multiple branches within the source github repo. Please makes sure you select the correct one before cloning.

Step 2: Right click on your .uproject file and choose ‘Generate Visual Studio Project Files’

Step 3: Run the project. You will be prompted to re-compile. Accept this and wait for the re-compile to complete.

Activating the Plugin

While plugins are installed to engine versions, they have to be activated on a per project basis. Follow these steps to activate Motion Symphony after opening the UE5 editor.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Edit/Plugins’ on the UE5 editor toolbar. The plugins window should open.

Step 2: Navigate to (or search for) the ‘Motion Symphony’ plugin and activate it.

Step 3: You will be prompted to restart the Unreal Editor. Click the restart button and the plugin will be fully activated once UE5 restarts.

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