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The best way to debug your trajectory is to simply see it on screen. Motion Symphony provides this debug visualization via a console command:

a.AnimNode.MoSymph.MMTrajectory.Debug #

Replace the # with a value of 0 - 2 to get the desired debug visualisation

0 - Turn off Trajectory Debugging

1 - Shows the desired trajectory in green (i.e. the trajectory generated for motion matching input)

2 - Show the current pose's trajectory in red

Note: The blue debug sphere is the character’s root position

Notice how the desired trajectory and the current pose trajectory are not exactly the same but they are very similar. This is normal as you will never get a 100% perfect matching trajectory. As long as it is close enough to inform a pose transition decision.

Note: The green trajectory shown is actually the trajectory that the motion matching node receives and not the source trajectory generated on the Trajectory Generator component.

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