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Size: 3

Input Response Feature: No

Quality Feature: Yes


The ‘Bone Velocity’ match feature is similar in nature to the ‘Bone Location’ match feature except instead of matching relative location of a bone, it instead matches the relative velocity of a bone. While bone location is sufficient for pose matching, velocity is vital for matching motions as this helps ensure that momentum of bones is preserved and that limb cycles don’t run backwards, causing jittery movements.

For this reason, matching bone velocity is a vital part of any motion matching setup and should be used at minimum of the two legs of the character to ensure continuous, fluid motion. It may be un-necessary to match the velocity of bones like the hips or torso as they do not typically have much velocity. However, that is dependent on your animations and desired results.


The settings for the ‘Bone Velocity’ match feature are the same as the ‘Bone Location’ match feature:

Default Weight - The weight, or importance of the match feature as a whole when considered for pose matching.

Bone Reference - Which bone to match velocity.

Data Layout

The ‘Bone Velocity’ match feature consists of 3 floats representing a velocity vector of a bone relative to the character root. The data layout is as follows:

|| Vel_X | Vel_Y | Vel_Z ||
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