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The logic behind triggering foot locks is the same as triggering footstep sounds and effects except with the additional information required for releasing the lock. Essentially, it should be controlled by the predominant animation using anim notifiers. This plugin comes with two utility animation notifiers that can be used alongside the Foot Locking Component. These anim notifiers serve their own purpose in different situations.

Note: These anim notifiers cannot be used without the foot locking component

Foot Lock Single - Anim Notifier

The ‘foot lock single’ anim notifier is the most simple. It can be used to specify a foot and whether it should be locked or unlocked. It does not specify a timer and if locked the foot will be remain locked indefinitely until it is unlocked manually. This kind of notifier can be used in cases where you may want to lock or unlock a foot regardless of its current state.

  • Foot Lock Id - Which foot this anim notify will affect

  • Set Locked - Whether to lock or unlock the foot (if checked the foot will be locked when this notify is triggered.

Foot Lock Timer - Anim Notifier

The ‘foot lock timer’ anim notifier should be used in most cases over the ‘foot lock single’ notifier. It specifies a foot to lock and a duration for that lock. This duration should match the amount of time that the foot is grounded. The ‘Foot Lock Manager’ component will automatically unlock the foot once this duration expires. The reason why this anim notifier should be used predominantly is that when blending between animations a foot may be locked but then never unlocked because the animation was blended out before the unlock notify was reached. This notifier circumvents this by guaranteeing the foot will be unlocked automatically after a certain time limit.

  • Foot Lock Id - Which foot this anim notify will affect

  • Grounding Time - How long the foot should be locked for (i.e. how long does the foot remain grounded)

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