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Note: Due to time zone differences support may not be available immediately on request. Additionally, this plugin is managed by a single developer, so 24/7 support is not possible. Please be patient, support will be provided when possible. Also note that support operates on weekdays and support is not available on weekends.

There are several avenues of support for 'Motion Symphony', however the best and most direct is the documentation found on this Wiki and the provided video tutorials that go in depth on how to use the systems in Motion Symphony. Please use the below links to navigate to relevant support sources.

  • User Manual - The user manual (which you are currently reading) contains comprehensive instruction and details on the plugin, what each setting does and how to use it.

  • Tutorial Videos - Video tutorials showing live use of motion symphony and how to use the provided systems.

  • Issue Tracker - Report bugs or issues via GitHub issue tracker. See existing issues.

  • Email - Submit support requests, including bug reports or feature requests (Please provide your invoice number in your email subject).

NOTE: It is imperative that you provide the necessary details when asking for support. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN YOUR CORRESPONDENCE BEING IGNORED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION!

Support FAQ:

Q: Is there a support discord?

A: No

Q: Will there be a support discord?


Q: Can you help me with my game?

A:No, I provide support directly for MxM only.

Q: Can I pay for premium support?

A: No, I am not available for premium support.

Q: Can you make a tutorial for XYZ?

A:Maybe, if it’s something very specific to the product then it’s possible but not guaranteed. If it is more related to your project than MxM then I am not able to help.

Q: Can I request new features?

A: Yes, but there is no guarantee they will be implemented within any specific timeframe if at all.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

All bug reports and feature requests are to be submitted via the issue tracker on the GitHub repository* or via email. Please provide the following information:

  • Product Name

  • Invoice Number

  • Engine Version

  • Detailed description of the issue

  • Detailed reproduction steps of the issue

  • Error call stacks (if relevant)

  • Screenshots of the bug or error (if relevant)

  • Video of the bug or error (if relevant)

It is very useful and saves a lot of time if you turn on the debug visualizations for MxM when taking screenshots or videos of bugs. Please see the relevant section of this manual for details on how to show debug gizmos for MxM.

Bug reports with insufficient information may be ignored so please do your best to provide as much detail as possible.

 “It’s Broken”, is not a bug report!  You may be blocked for submitting bug reports such as this.

*Access to the repository for bug reporting is only available to verified customers. Please see the section below 'GitHub Repository' to find out how to gain access.

Contract / Premium Support Unavailable

As this plugin (and others) are developed and supported by a single developer it is not possible to provide contract or premium support. All development time is necessary to for the ongoing support of the plugin as a whole.

GitHub Repository

To obtain access to the source GitHub repository, send an email to You must provide the following details:

  • Product Name (In this case MxM)

  • Invoice Number (or a copy of your purchase invoice)

  • Email address you wish to be invited to the repository.

The GitHub repository is tied to the issue tracker used for bug reports and is only available to verified users.

Tutorial Videos

Numerous tutorial videos have been created to support the documentation of Motion Symphony. These tutorials can be found in the following playlist and will be linked throughout this wiki:

Warning: As of Motion Symphony 2.0 release, some of the tutorial videos may contain outdated information. These videos are in the process of being updated to accurately reflect the state of Motion Symphony 2.0. Please be patient in the meantime and use this documentation as the source of truth.

Example Project

An example project is available from the 'Example Project Repository'. This repository is separate from the plugin / issue tracker repository and is used to provide an example project that uses Motion Symphony. Please note that the example project does not contain the plugin itself so you will need to install the plugin after downloading the example project.

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