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Note: Due to time zone differences support may not be available immediately on request. Additionally, this plugin is managed by a single developer, so 24/7 support is not possible. Please be patient, support will be provided when possible. Also note that support operates on weekdays and support is not available on weekends.

There are several avenues of support for 'Motion Symphony', however the best and most direct is the documentation found on this Wiki and the provided video tutorials that go in depth on how to use the systems in Motion Symphony. Please use the below links to navigate to relevant support sources.

  • User Manual - The user manual (which you are currently reading) contains comprehensive instruction and details on the plugin, what each setting does and how to use it.

  • Tutorial Videos - Video tutorials showing live use of motion symphony and how to use the provided systems.

  • Issue Tracker - Report bugs or issues via Github issue tracker. See existing issues.

  • Discord - Discuss the plugin and get help from other Motion Symphony users. To gain access to the support channels on the Discord server you will need to send a private message to the Server admin and provide your invoice number.

WARNING: (28 Sept 2023) As of writing this message, the video tutorials provided are for Motion Symphony 1.X. Video tutorials for Motion Symphony 2.0 are in the works but not available yet. Thank you for your patience and understanding. All necessary information for Motion Symphony 2.0 is provided within this documentation.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

All bug reports and feature requests are to be submitted via the issue tracker on the github repository*. Please ensure that all bug reports are written in accordance with the instructions on the repository front page. Note that incorrectly constructed reports may be ignored or closed out without action or warning.

Additionally, please check that the bug you wish to report has not already been reported on the issue tracker.

*Access to the repository for bug reporting is only available to verified customers. Please see the section below 'Github Repository' to find out how to gain access.

Contract / Premium Support Unavailable

As this plugin (and others) are developed and supported by a single developer it is not possible to provide contract or premium support. All development time is necessary to for the ongoing support of the plugin as a whole.

Github Repository

For users that wish to have source access and create branches or pull requests, please send an email to the support email address listed on the store page and request access.  In the email please provide your invoice as proof of purchase and the email address with which you would like to have access to the repository. This request can alternatively be made through Discord. The github repository is tied to the issue tracker used for bug reports and is only available to verified users.

Tutorial Videos

Numerous tutorial videos have been created to support the documentation of Motion Symphony. These tutorials can be found in the following playlist and will be linked throughout this wiki:

Warning: As of Motion Symphony 2.0 release, some of the tutorial videos may contain outdated information. These videos are in the process of being updated to accurately reflect the state of Motion Symphony 2.0. Please be patient in the meantime and use this documentation as the source of truth.

Example Project

An example project is available from the 'Example Project Repository'. This repository is separate from the plugin / issue tracker repository and is used to provide an example project that uses Motion Symphony. Please note that the example project does not contain the plugin itself so you will need to install the plugin after downloading the example project.

Note: The example project is undergoing a major overhaul as of Motion Symphony 2.0 release. While the 2.0 branch does have a basic working setup this does not reflect the full extent of MS2.0’s capabilities. Please be patient while the new example project is developed.

Note: Please ensure you use the correct branch for the example project as there are multiple.

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