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The foot locking component is a utility component that users may choose to use alongside the foot locking node. It assists with management of the foot locking state and provides the boolean inputs of the animation node. Additionally, it manages the logic to automatically unlock feet after a specified duration which is handy when the lock is triggered by animation notifies.

Component Setup

To setup the foot locking component, simply click on the ‘+ Add’ button on your actor and search for ‘MSFoot Lock Manager’. There are no settings that need to be configured for the component as it only contains utility functions and internal foot tracking.

Utility Functions

These utility functions are callable both from blueprint and C++. The animation notifies provided with the plugin use these functions directly to trigger foot locks and releases.

  • Lock Foot - Locks the specified foot for the specified duration. If duration is set to -1.0 the foot will be locked indefinitely until it is unlocked.

  • Unlock Foot - Unlocks the specified foot manually. Usually, the foot lock manager would unlock the foot automatically after the specified duration but there may be times when it should be triggered manually.

  • Is Foot Locked - A check if the specified foot is locked or not. Can be used to run conditional logic.

  • Reset Locking State - Resets foot locking state on all feet. i.e. all feet will be unlocked immediately.

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