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As Motion Symphony 2.0 has been developed and tested, it has become clear that some legacy features are either no longer necessary or do not make sense in light of new improvements. This section of the MS2.0 update guide goes over what has been deprecated and removed from MS in 2.0 and, where applicable, the alternatives.

Mirroring Profiles

Mirroring profiles have been completely removed from the plugin and replaced by UE5.X ‘Mirror Data Tables’. Legacy Mirroring Profiles can be deleted and ‘Mirror Data Tables’ can be put in their place to update this easily.

Figure 1.0 'Mirror Data Table replacing Mirroring Profile in Motion AnimAsset Details Panel'

Motion Blending Option

With the benefits of ‘inertial blending’ it makes no sense for the Motion Matching node to continue supporting traditional blended animation. Not only is that method significantly less performant than inertial blending, but it also produces muddier results that are destructive to the animation pose. If you were using traditional blending previously, simply ensure the blend mode is now set to ‘Inertialization’ and add an inertialization node to your animation system near the end of the anim-graph.

Figure 2.0 'Transition Method Set to Inertialization on Motion Matching node'

Optimization Modules

Optimization modules have been removed and can be deleted. Motion Symphony 2.0 has a built in and very effective search optimization which synergises well with the new data layout. It no longer makes any sense to have optimization modules.

Motion Actions

Motion actions have been removed as they do not suit the context of use in Unreal Engine and were clunky for users to implement. Animation Montages should be used instead for triggering specific actions as is normal in Unreal Engine

Legacy ‘Distance Matching in Motion Matching’ Removed

The previous version of ‘distance matching within motion matching’ has been removed in favour or distance matching as a match feature metric. The old system was not very effective and new options are objectively better in every way.

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