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Size: 3

Input Response Feature: No

Quality Feature: Yes


The ‘Bone Facing’ match feature enables matching of a facing vector of the bone in component space. This can be very useful for ‘strafe’ type animations where the character is facing in one direction and moving in another.

One particular use case is during strafe type locomotion where the upper body twists to face forward, but the lower body turns in the direction of movement. In such a style of movement, not using bone facing on the hips can cause the system to confuse some poses with their mirrored counterpart causing rapid unintentional mirroring. In such a case using a bone facing match feature can eliminate this issue entirely.


The settings for the ‘Bone Facing’ match feature are as follows:

Axis - The facing axis of the bone to use.

Default Weight - The weight or importance of this match feature for the motion matching algorithm.

Bone Reference - The bone to match the axis for.

Data Layout

The ‘Bone Facing’ match feature consists of 3 floats representing a facing unit vector for a specific bone. The ‘X’ axis of the bone transform is used to represent this vector.

|| BoneFacing_X | BoneFacing_Y | BoneFacing_Z ||
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