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In some cases it may be desirable to have a very realistic trajectory which preserves character momentum. To achieve this, it can be beneficial to blend the input trajectory with the current pose trajectory with a falloff over time. The ‘Input Response Blending’ feature can help us achieve this.

Note: While trajectory blending help provide a more realistic trajectory and improve animation quality, it may reduce responsiveness if used too much. Consider setting the blend magnitude value below 1 so the effect is not too strong.

Blend Input Response - If this is checked then the desired trajectory will be blended with the current pose trajectory

Input Response Blend Magnitude - A multiplier to blending weights. A value of 1.0 means that full blending will take place with time falloff. This value is a multiplier to the blending weights after fall-off is applied. It is recommended to have this value below 1.0 so that responsiveness is still good.

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