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What Is Motion Symphony

Motion Symphony is an animation plugin for UE4.26+ which provides cutting edge tools for motion matching, pose matching and distance matching (experimental). These tools manifest as new custom nodes that can be used in animation blueprints as well as utility components and asset types to facilitate their use. The provided animation nodes include:

  • Motion Matching - Motion matching is a cutting edge, real-time animation technology which allows developers to create high fidelity animation synthesis with realistic movements and no state logic. The motion matching node allows developers to use motion matching within their animation graphs in any way they desire, including using them in states and alongside existing tools.

  • Pose Matching - Pose matching is a simple yet highly effective technique for transitioning between animations. The pose matching node provided will automatically start the new animation at the most appropriate time to provide a clean transition where poses are in sync and minimal blending is required. This is done without sync markers and very little manual work.

  • Multi-Pose Matching - Multi-Pose Matching is similar to pose matching nodes except there are multiple animations to pick from. The node will automatically pick the best animation and the best time to start within that animation when transitioned to.

  • Transition Matching - Transition matching nodes are similar to multi-pose matching nodes except they allow the user to specify a directional input to match in addition to the pose. With this the transition matching node can pick the correct animation based on this direction with a smooth transition and minimal blending.

  • Distance Matching (Experimental) - Distance matching is a cutting edge, real-time animation technique where animation time is matched to the movement of the character capsule. This provides highly responsive animation while maintaining a high level of fidelity with little to no foot sliding. It is often used for animations such as starts, stops and plants.

It is important to understand that Motion Symphony is a set of tools for animation synthesis, it is not a character system, movement system or IK system. Please read the F.A.Q to see commonly asked questions.

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