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Size: 1

Input Response Feature: No

Quality Feature: Yes


The ‘Momentum Rot’ match feature helps controls the rate of yaw rotation of the character as a whole. It is used to improve smoothness and consistency in turning motions such as plants (e.g. 180, 90 turn), arcs and spirals. It can only be used as a quality feature to prevent janky turns. Essentially it works just like the Momentum 2D match feature except for rotational yaw velocity instead of positional velocity.

‘Momentum Rot’ is a relatively standard motion matching feature used in most setups.


This match feature does not have any specific settings as it is a fixed feature that doesn’t allow customization. It only has a setting for default weight which controls the how much impact this match feature has for motion matching.

Data Layout

The ‘Momentum Rot’ match feature consists of a single float representing the rotational velocity of the character (yaw). The data layout is as follows:

|| Vel_Yaw ||

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