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What is the Motion Calibration Module For?

The ‘Motion Calibration’ module is an optional asset which can be used to modify the default calibration held within the motion configuration. This allows for multiple motion data and MoSymph nodes to use the same ‘Motion Configurations’ while having different calibration weightings. Additionally, calibrations can be changed at runtime on motion matching nodes allowing for more flexibility.

One example use case may be to swap between a walking and running locomotion within the same motion matching node. This would be done by using ‘GameplayTags’ and setting the ‘RequireTags’ to Walk (for example). In such a case it may be desirable to change the calibration for the different locomotion speeds to get the best results in both states of locomotion.

Essentially, a ‘Motion Calibration’ is just a list of additional weighting multipliers which affect the final calibration weights for the motion matching algorithm. However, it also contains its own ‘Quality Vs. Response’ slider for high level adjustment.

Creating the Module

To create this asset, right click in your content browser and navigate to ‘Animation > Motion Calibration’. After choosing 'Motion Calibration’ a new asset will be created as shown in the below image.

Initial Setup

Runtime Swapping

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