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There are more and more jewelry sales websites.

Why not let yourself be tempted?

What are the advantages of buying online rather than in a store, what are the risks, and how to overcome these risks?

Value for the money

The first major advantage of buying online is the price.

The price is very often lower online than in stores for the same level of quality.

Indeed, the absence of a physical store eliminates all the related costs and in particular the very expensive stock

The choice

On the internet, no limited space.

the shop sells the jewelry it has in the window. The size of its premises effectively limits the scope of its offer. Online, no space constraint, which allows an almost infinite breadth of the range.

The ability to personalize your product

Many sites offer customization of the models offered. Indeed, why choose a standard model if you can adapt a piece of jewelry to your tastes and desires? In addition to the assurance of having a piece of jewelry made by talented craftsmen, you have complete freedom to personalize your piece of jewelry, at the price of a standard piece of jewelry,

This constitutes, for a single piece of jewelry, several alternatives that a store can't naturally offer you unless you ask it. But not all of these stores can respond positively to this type of request, and those that accept may charge you an additional cost.

Online stores are often, like The Sunflower Pendant, independent players. Your choices are easy to take into account because, as an independent, they can work with the suppliers most able to answer your request.

The board

Like physical stores, online stores offer advice by qualified advisers, either by chat, by phone, or directly to the showroom when it has one. The advisers of online stores that produce their jewelry to order have no interest in directing you on models rather than others because there is no need to get rid of expensive models in stock.

The possibility of trying on the jewel

Trying on a piece of jewelry is always preferable.

But for that, you have to move, but not all jewelry brands have a store near you. Then, the physical store does not always have, in stock, all the sizes of a jewel, and in this case, not necessarily your size.

Online, they can offer you a virtual trial (especially for rings, bracelets, and earrings). The objective is to realize the dimension of the jewel on you.

The jewel being virtual, it is easy to modify the metal and the stones.

Most of the time, online stores have a showroom to receive you and therefore allow you to discover their jewelry models, try them on, to select the gems that interest you if you wish. In this case, take advantage of it! (If this space is near you) 


You can order online in a few clicks from your living room

You can view the offer of online stores every day at any time (24/7) without the obligation to purchase, with the ability to compare prices easily with other sites, including physical stores.


To satisfy its customers, an online store will often offer services such as free returns, "satisfied or refunded". An online store will also pay particular attention to the quality of its customer service and after-sales service.

The special advantages

Each online store like The Sunflower Pendant shop offers specific advantages to attract customers. This can be discounts for a first purchase, free delivery, specific packaging such as a box, etc.

Also, You can find Sunflower Necklace in The Sunflower Pendant shop, which is one of the best original jewelry you can buy. Isn't that a great temptation for buyers?


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