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Advantages of the PHP language. We are in the knowledge age and currently, several alternatives are appearing on the PHP language concerning web programming. However, in the face of such adversity, this language continues to be present in many well-known companies worldwide and continues to demand professionals in the field.

For this reason, in this article we will touch on various topics about this powerful language, showing some functions, uses, and curiosities that you did not expect this language to achieve.

What is the PHP language?

According to its official page PHP is a very popular open-source language in the world, suitable for web development and that can be embedded in a very flexible way with HTML5. Therefore, if we look at the internet, a large number of pages and web portals are openly using PHP.

What does open-source mean?

Open source means that it is free to use and free for all programmers who want to use it in every sense of the word. Embedded in HTML means that in the same file we will be able to combine PHP code with HTML code, following some parameters that we must comply with for correct operation.

What is the PHP language for?

PHP is used to generate dynamic web pages. Therefore, we can link it to a database so that its content is changeable. For example, the contents may change based on changes in a database, information entry, etc.


  1. a) Under various operating systems

PHP runs on many operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Unix. Therefore, many servers support this famous PHP language.

  1. b) For an online business

The use of PHP in various CMS, such as e-commerce uses PHP as the basis. Currently, there are several solutions for online businesses.

  1. c) Content Managers

The vast majority of content managers use this language to structure their core. The characteristic of every good Content Manager created with PHP is its friendly interface both in the Backend and FrontEnd environment.

  1. d) Emails in PHP language

Marketing campaigns use the PHP language to send their emails to potential customers informing them about products, services, discounts, improvements, etc.

  1. e) Generate PDF files

Today web systems require the sending of information through a PDF format. However, the versatility of this language means that we can create personalized PDF documents on our server and send them to the clients.

This tool is used in several aspects, such as:

  • Banks to send account statements.

  • Proformas of products.

  • Invoices paid for a product.

PDF files are very useful for any organization and it is possible to create dynamically through the PHP language.

  1. f) Dynamic templates

The arrival of the knowledge age brought with it a world of free information available to millions of people with internet access. Therefore, the usability of creating web pages in minutes was also increased and the vast majority use Templates to give aesthetics to our web project and/or some plugin to give our system more options.

Why should I use PHP?

  1. Simply because PHP is a free and open language, that is, we should not pay anything for its use.

  2. Its syntax and architecture are simple and meets basic object-oriented programming (OOP) standards.

  3. It does not require complex environments for its development.

  4. Installation is really simple thanks to several local servers.

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