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Each summer, the heat invites you to extend your days outdoors. On the other hand, damn mosquitoes sometimes force you to enable you! Here are some tips for mosquito control and to enjoy the outdoors without suffering the inconvenience.

Using plants

Surround your patio with plants that don't appeal to mosquitoes. The lemon scent generally keeps them away; opt for lemongrass, lemon thyme, lemon balm, and basil with small leaves. Other plants also have a repellent effect on mosquitoes: try the fragrant geranium, the Neptune plant, lavender, and tomato plants. With this new landscaping, you should dissuade many!

Eliminate the problem From the source

First, you have to go around the entire lot or terrace and eliminate any bodies of standing water, such as empty containers that have accumulated rainwater for example. In the different bodies of water (fountain, drinking trough, etc.) it is possible to place Mosquitos Dunk's briquettes, which eliminate larvae and young mosquitoes before they start to bite. Effective for a month on a body of water of about 30 square meters, they do not affect other forms of marine, human or animal life. It really is a winning solution!

Install mosquito traps

There are all kinds of mosquito traps at all prices; you just have to choose the one that suits you best.

On the terrace, balcony, or patio, the ideal is to use a trap that plugs into a wall outlet. This type of trap attracts mosquitoes thanks to its titanium dioxide lamp.  

When camping, opt instead for a trap that is easily transported and does not require electricity. The Off Mosquito Repellent Lamp, with a scent pad, attracts and kills them. Other lamps work with solar energy; a blue light attracts insects and a live metal grid eliminates them.

Indoors, insecticide pads are very effective in eliminating unwanted insects that have managed to infiltrate through an improperly closed door or window. However, they should be kept away from children and pets.

Keep them away

The spirals burning is inexpensive and away every time mosquitoes. Each of them lasts about five hours, which is enough for a nice evening out!

Citronella candles work more or less well, depending on the veracity of the mosquitoes. To ensure increased efficiency, opt for geraniol candles instead. However, they are difficult to find in Quebec.

Tiki torches provide a great atmosphere and should keep mosquitoes from joining the party. However, it is necessary to have several to obtain a certain peace of mind.

Some essential oils also help get rid of mosquitoes. They do not like, among other things, the scent of lemon eucalyptus; this type of oil is on sale in natural product stores.

It is also possible to wear a repellent device designed to protect you against bites at all times. It attaches to clothing and protects from head to toe.

Thermacell repellent, previously used mainly by hunters and fishermen, is probably the most effective in repelling mosquitoes. There are now different formats, prettier than the original. It functions as a shield that provides about 4 meters of protection. It is sold with 3 insect repellent pads and 1 butane cartridge. Each wafer lasts up to 4 hours and the cartridge lasts up to 12 hours. And it is effective, for real!

Become invisible or almost!

Today it is even possible to stick a stamp on your skin that makes you "invisible" to insects. which prevents mosquitoes from detecting CO2 released by humans. It is precisely this CO2 that makes you so attractive to them. 


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