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A bump on the nose can be a source of complexes, both in women and in men. Today, cosmetic surgery offers several solutions to remove this growth considered unsightly. The results of Revision nose job turkey are visible as soon as they leave the office and are not definitive since the injected filler will gradually be eliminated.


The nose is made up of two types of structures. The bone structure in its upper part and the cartilaginous structure in its lower part. The lump forms in the bone part as a result of natural kyphosis or traumatic shock.

An excess of the cartilaginous septum, especially during adolescence, can be the cause of a lump. There is often a deviation of the associated nasal septum.

Some patients have a lump that causes difficulty breathing, especially after a fracture.

A lump on the nose is caused by:

  • Congenital deformation of the bones, more rarely of the cartilage;

  • Trauma or shock.


To remove a bump on the nose is the dream of many people. Since the mid-20 th century, rhinoplasty allows finding a harmonious line of the nasal bridge.

There are several techniques for blurring the nose bump:

Removing a lump without surgery: an interim solution

The cheapest and least invasive method is the injection of hyaluronic acid. We recommend that you go for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey for this medical injection rhinoplasty.

The injection lasts 20 minutes. During this time, the surgeon models the nose using hyaluronic acid, a product perfectly tolerated by the body.

Medical rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure. You can return to work as soon as the session is over. The results are visible immediately, without a trace of bruising or dark circles.

On the other hand, medical rhinoplasty has one drawback: it is limited in time. After about a year, sometimes less, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body, and the lump returns.

It is therefore the ideal solution for those who prefer not to undergo an operation or who wish to have an overview of the result before a definitive intervention.

It is possible to very slightly raise the point.

Surgical rhinoplasty: a radical solution

The traditional technique for removing the bump from the nose is surgical rhinoplasty.

This operation consists of removing the lump, under general anesthesia.

Several techniques are possible for the correction:

  • Simple page of the bump

  • Osteotomy (section of bones) with a section of the hump

  • Osteotomies without a section of the hump: preservation rhinoplasty.


There are two surgical techniques:

  • By closed approach, without external scars: the lump is removed from the inside of the nose.

  • By open route when complementary procedures are associated or for complex reconstructive rhinoplasties

Depending on the patient's wish, the surgeon can create a straight nose, a nose with a small bump, or a slightly hollow nose.

Complementary actions can be combined for:

  • raise the tip of the nose

  • reduction of alar cartilages

  • nostril reduction

  • septoplasty for a deviated nasal septum


The choice of the profile of the nose must be adapted to the patient's wishes and be in harmony with the whole face. We must therefore always consider the appearance of the root of the nose and the tip of the nose.

Would you like to have an operation, but you are not sure? You must that it is possible to simulate the nose surgery in order to preview the final result!


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