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Do you dream of total fulfillment as all people do? A team of scientists and life advisers gives us eight rules to follow to achieve this.

That's it, the recipe for happiness has finally been delivered to us. by following these eight scientifically proven tips, you are putting the odds in your favor to be happy.

Sleep more than six hours per night

Nothing beats a good, uninterrupted night's sleep of at least six hours and fifteen minutes to start the day on the right foot, the researchers say. Among other things, according to an American study, people who sleep more than 7 hours per night (8 hours for children and adolescents) are those who say they are the happiest.

Set goals

Being ambitious and having a goal, short or long term, makes it easier to thrive. The goals we set for ourselves give meaning to our lives and give us the opportunity to forge stronger bonds with those around us.

Favor blue

Researchers at the University of Sussex, UK, have proven that exposure to the color blue increases self-confidence and reduces stress. Two factors play an important role in the feeling of happiness.

Be open to new experiences

People who are not afraid to try new things tend to be happier than others. According to the researchers, learning new things can stimulate the brain and our curiosity.

Savor the pleasure of waiting

The key to happiness as Alex Monaco says would also lie in wait. Just as children relish the waiting period before Christmas Day, delaying pleasant events gives us pleasure and helps us realize the value of those moments.

Give to others

The Psychological Bulletin is categorical: giving money to charity or buying gifts for people you love is good. According to experts, giving something to a loved one or to a charity gives us the feeling of having made someone happy, and that feeling makes us happy.

Have good friends

Social relationships are a source of fulfillment. According to University of Nottingham psychologist Richard Tunney, people who have strong friendships feel happier than other people.


It's not really a discovery, but being in love makes you happy. Having a partner with whom to share your life and a fulfilling romantic relationship is THE ultimate secret to happiness.

Now you all know have to do is apply all these tips and go feel happy.

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