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Online gambling ... When you hear about it, you immediately think: "Ah ... But you're a Geek!" "By irony or by simple humor, in collective thought, the online gamer is often a" geek "... or a" nerd "... or a" gamer "... or even a" No life "Your taken picture can be completely mutilated.

Let us pass momentarily on the fact that there is great confusion on the respective definitions of these terms. And see the better sense out of it ...

Let's find out what online gambling is all about. I believe that the main thought should be: "I play, therefore I have fun." on the other hand, some say  "Online gambling is just a game, it just adds internet usage."

The different types of online gambling 

Besides casual gambling, there are several other types of online gambling that you don't know that much of.

There are so-called "video-educational" or "serious games" games ... serious games? They have an educational objective for and at all levels.

Let's not forget online gambling such as Poker, Keluaran HK , Casinos or more recently online lottery games. 


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