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Regular dental appointments not only maintain good teeth but also prevent future complications and prevent certain diseases.

Many people wait until they feel pain before going to the dentist. However, when the pain does occur, the problem is greater and the health consequences are more serious. For example, the onset of cavities or gingivitis has no symptoms. These problems will be visible only during a dental exam. Cavities or gingivitis that have not been treated sooner will lead to more complex, more painful, and more expensive treatments. A dental examination once or twice a year is therefore recommended, for several other reasons.

For the prevention of oral diseases

In addition to dental health, a regular dental examination at the dentist checks all the internal tissues of the mouth: the palate, the gums, the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, etc. The examination may also reveal inflammation and tenderness in the teeth or gums. Often, a build-up of tartar is involved. The dentist can then perform scaling to remove the inflammation and tenderness. A build-up of tartar can also over time lead to periodontitis (gum tissue that breaks away from the tooth). The bacteria can then infiltrate and cause a serious infection. Regular follow-ups with the dentist can also detect the onset of oral cancer.

To maintain healthy teeth

Daily dental hygiene done at home will not remove all of the dental plaque on the teeth. During a cleaning at the dentist, the dental hygienist cleans the teeth which completely eliminates dental plaque which helps prevent cavities and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

To detect the onset of cavities

During a dental examination, the dentist is able to detect whether there is an onset of decay and to know the extent of it. Deep decay can have very unfortunate consequences (acute pain, abscess, etc.) Regular follow-up with the dentist helps to prevent these complications using Zirconia crown Dubai or any other similar crowning techniques. Cavity detected early increases the success of treatment in addition to reducing costs.

Teeth health has an impact on overall health

It is a fact that many people ignore. In the presence of an oral infection caused by a heavy build-up of tartar or advanced gingivitis, bacteria enter the tissues of the mouth and find their way into the bloodstream. This problem can adversely affect a person's overall health and lead to other illnesses or health problems.


Another important reason to see a dentist regularly is to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout life. By consulting your dentist regularly, you can ensure good dental health while preventing the development of complications or diseases related to oral health. Having beautiful, healthy teeth also reflects good personal hygiene, projects a better smile, and inspires cleanliness and concern for one's physical appearance.


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