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 A country that we do not forget and that is unlike any other. Egypt is landmarked forever by a millennial history and its pharaonic heritage. Its current situation has experienced complex rebounds in recent years but that in no way prevents you from going to discover it, we can only repeat it.

for many visitors, is called a trip of a lifetime. It holds a special place in everyone's journey because Egyptian heritage is not interchangeable with any other.


Along the Nile:

the land of the pharaohs is not just about that, a trip to Egypt is also an experience aboard a cruise on the Nile. A journey that takes you to Luxor with its temples. A stop at Karnak and its necropolises of the Kings and Queens valleys is also a must. Then the temple of Edfu and that of Kom Ombo loom in front of you, before joining Aswan, its cataracts, its dams, and the temple of Philae. From pharaonic site to pharaonic site, we go back in time along the sacred river whose inhabitants who inhabit the banks still seem to live to the rhythm of the floods.

A detour to Cairo:

it is a gulf that separates this immutable Egypt from that of the delta. Swarming and overflowing with life, the capital offers another face of the country where history continues to be written. This does not prevent us from immersing ourselves again, inevitably, in the strata of time, at the Egyptian Museum, in Islamic Cairo. It is also the moment to go to the foot of the great pyramids, the last wonder of the world still visible to this day. The three tombs of the pharaohs Kheops, Khephren, and Mycerinus, guarded by the Sphinx.

Marine treasures:

for the Red Sea, renowned for its exceptional seabed, it offers the ideal seaside extension, after a trip to the past. Divers and underwater photo enthusiasts will find coral reefs and multiple multicolored fish of rare beauty, some of the most spectacular in the world and extremely easy to access. Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Safaga, or Taba, the seaside resorts have grown and are pushing more and more south to Marsa Alam or even Berenice. To the north is El Alamein, a seaside destination in the making whose proximity to beautiful Alexandria is not the least asset.

Getting lost in a desert:

arid Egypt with its white desert dominates the landscape in the Nile valley, in Sinai. In Egypt, there are as many possibilities for tourism as there are sites to discover.

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what to eat in Egypt?

The national dish is Foul Medames (beans simmered with onions, cumin, and lemon), offered with all meals. Also very popular, molokhia (a thick soup prepared with the herb of that name), finely chopped, with bell pepper and garlic, and served with rice and pieces of chicken. Another nourishing dish: kochari (a mixture of rice, lentils, and noodles), spiced with fried onions and chili.

As a starter, the tradition is to serve Meze (an assortment of small dishes: fried chickpea balls, tahini (a sesame cream), hummus (chickpea puree), babaganough (eggplant puree with sesame sauce), fatoush (cucumber salad, tomatoes with croutons ), tabbouleh (couscous, parsley, onions), laban (yogurt with garlic and olive oil), muhammara (crushed nuts, tomatoes, onions), sambousek (stuffed fried rissoles), kibbeh (quenelles with minced meat, nuts, and spices), Tamaya (falafel), then (meat, fish or vegetables with tomato sauce baked in the oven in a clay pot) and raw vegetables ...

As for the desserts, the pastries are oriental, all made of honey and oil. To accompany with a cab cadet (infusion of hibiscus flowers), served hot or cold, or a Turkish coffee, at the bottom of a cup.

what are the cultural particularities in Egypt?

Bargaining is the order of the day in the souks. Do not hesitate to offer half the advertised price straight away, then discuss a decent price, patiently while keeping a smile. Men particularly enjoy the long hours spent in the cafe, hookah smoking and playing backgammon. This playful confrontation is experienced with such seriousness that the stake seems vital. They are really nice people and you will enjoy communicating with them very much.


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