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If telematics has become your core business and the question has arisen as to how to identify the best GPS locator to track and protect your customers' mobile resources, then you should pay special attention.

We know that in this business sooner or later our partners are faced with the question of how to find the ideal GPS locator that allows them to offer the type of tracking that their clients need. There are many types of locators, so finding a device that meets the tracking needs for different types of business needs is essential.

Classification of GPS locators for different businesses 

Let's start by ordering the sectors where it is possible to apply the use of telematics and trackers, to later identify the business opportunities that currently exist, and, finally, list the necessary characteristics that a GPS locator must-have.

We have identified at least eight sectors where it is possible to provide a telematics and tracking service solution, with the potential to become a profitable commercial business: logistics, distribution, services, passenger transport, heavy machinery, and construction, health services, and oil and gas. 

Similarly, all mobile, semi-stationary, and stationary resources in these sectors require protection to prevent theft, failure, or improper use of the equipment; For this reason, there are GPS car tracker, GPS trackers for cargo, and GPS trackers for mobile personnel on the market.


What should be considered to choose the perfect GPS locator?

For each industry, there are specific trackers that can address the business tracking needs for fleet management, field services, and GPS asset tracking. For each of these areas, GPS locators must meet essential characteristics, however, it is important to understand these areas to later identify the appropriate tracker, so let's see what they are.

GPS locator for cargo

Car GPS Locator

GPS locator for mobile personnel

Tracking down to the latest  GPS locator

To recap, remember that to choose the best  GPS locator for your business, you must consider the following four basic aspects: the frequency of sending data, either once a day for stationary assets or every minute for vehicle tracking; battery life based on the resources you want to track so this doesn't become a problem; a place where the GPS locator will be placed so that it meets the required resistance characteristics and last but not least the price so that it fits your needs and the pocket of your client.

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