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Naomi is a famous Italian model who is always in search for new experiences and different learning possibilities. Also, she has lived in 8 countries because of her big curiosity in different cultures and professional Fields from modeling around the world to owning her own bar in Belgium. besides this, she has been working as a project manager in an architect firm, selling superyachts in Greece to event planning in crypto and creative directing for a fashion magazine in Paris. She is a very successful woman that excited to see what more the world has to offer her!  In this article, we will present the best tips from Naomi Lievens to grow your modeling career.

You can always follow her at Naomi Lievens at Instagram or by @lievna

The internet has opened many doors and, in recent years, many professions have risen and gained prominence online. Being a model on Instagram is currently one of the professions in the whole world, but don't think it's easy to achieve success; in fact, there is a lot of competition.

But what is being a model on Instagram? These professionals have accounts where they publish photos with clothes or items from different brands – and, of course, they are paid for it. Templates generally have a large following in their account and create consistent, quality content to keep them.

You are probably thinking that it has always been difficult to be a model in the USA and that this is your opportunity to be one. If so, I will explain the entire process to you until you become a real model!


How to become a model on Instagram? 

The first step to becoming a model is to have an album and Instagram is no different. But what is an album? Traditionally, this term refers to a set of photos of the model and is intended to present the model itself to potential people interested in working with it.

On Instagram, it's a little different because the social network itself already takes care of showing the model. Of course, nothing prevents you from having a portfolio with the best photographs and, in fact, we advise you to have them. Remember that photos must be professional.

After choosing the best photos and creating your portfolio, you must maintain consistency across publications. You should also use some of the tricks we'll talk about below, all to get more followers in a natural way, who identify with your profile.

The increase in followers will increase the number of fans, the exposure, and, believe me, it will open more doors for you and maybe be a model not just for Instagram.

Should you be part of an agency?

Joining an agency or not is your choice. If, on one hand, an agency can make it easier for you to enter the market, on the other, Instagram gives you a little more freedom.

Of course, the freedom to be a model only through Instagram comes with a price, and initially, you may have difficulty finding brands to collaborate with. But if you don't give up, your efforts will eventually pay off and pay off.

In short, start with professional photos, create an album and have consistency in your publications. Consistency, quality, and professionalism – and, let's not lie, good publicity – is the way to succeed to be a model on Instagram.

3 ideas to get more followers and increase your exposure on Instagram

  1. Use all the tools available on Instagram

From simple posts with hashtags to descriptions of photos or stories: all the tools are essential for the development of your career as a model on Instagram. You should enjoy the benefits of each of the available tools.

All tools should be used to interact with your followers, get a message across and build a relationship. Put your voice in each content and make it unique! Remember, no one in this world has your voice.

If you use stories, keep the publication consistent and share moments from your day-to-day – without editing, as natural as possible. That way you will pass on credibility and create a sincere relationship with your followers.

  1. Choose a specific niche

It's much easier to enter this online market if you have a niche previously chosen. So start by thinking about what kind of role model you want to be, what areas you want to act in, and what people you want to interact with or, in a way, influence. The choice of niche will also facilitate the search for partnerships.


  1. Encourage your followers to comment on your posts

Posting comments are an excellent way for Instagram to understand that content whether it is important or relevant, and in this way, you will be able to stand out from other posts, and the probability of your followers receiving your posts is higher.

But how to encourage comments? Simple. Ask questions, want to know more about followers and, whenever possible, respond to all comments. The reply is a great way to keep comments.


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