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To fully use your mobile phone, you have the choice between monthly plans, for regular use, and prepaid cards, for more occasional and limited use. Here is what you need to know about their operation and their interest.

What is a prepaid card?

In the context of mobile telephony offers, prepaid cards allow users to manage their telephone and data consumption (mobile internet) “on-demand”, through a system of recharges (credits) of varying amounts. Credit is activated by means of a code that must be dialed from your device.

What is a prepaid card used for?

The principle of a prepaid card is very simple: rather than subscribing to a package that you pay every month, and which is recharged automatically every month, you buy credit at a given amount for a certain volume of calls, SMS / MMS, and internet consumption. Depending on the formula chosen, you then have several days, or several months at most, to take advantage of this volume. Once the credit has been used up, or the duration has expired, mobile recharge is available to your card to continue using your line. Usable with all mobile phones and smartphones, as well as some digital tablets, prepaid cards are ideal for occasional and limited use.

Do you have a SIM card?

To use a prepaid card for the first time, it is necessary to open a new line (with a new number), and therefore to obtain a SIM card. It is this SIM card that you can top up whenever necessary. If you do not reload it, your line will be automatically terminated twelve months after your last recharge.

Which prepaid card to choose from?

To best meet your needs, the prepaid card offers cards: the classic card and the international card. For each of them, you can then choose an amount.

  • The classic card Depends on the amount chosen, it allows you to be reachable at any time, to make calls, and send SMS. Always depending on the amount chosen, and some prepaid cards benefit from unlimited SMS. Internet access via the 3G / 4G network is billed per megabyte.

  • The international card. As its name suggests, the international prepaid card allows you to call numbers abroad. Depending on the amount of the card, the destination called, and whether it is a landline or a mobile, you can call for a longer or shorter time.

    this card depending on the amount chosen also includes unlimited sending of SMS, Internet access via the 3G / 4G network is billed per megabyte.

How to recharge a prepaid card for a loved one?

When you purchase a top-up, a code is sent to you: it is written on the top-up ticket or can be viewed on the internet. If you send this code to a loved one, a child, or a teenager, for example, they will benefit from the top-up as soon as they activate the code on their mobile phone. Also, you can recharge their prepaid card online through swift recharge that specializes in recharging prepaid cards.


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