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What is parcel tracking?

Parcel tracking allows you to follow the journey of your parcels in real-time, from their acceptance by the carrier to their actual receipt by the recipient.

What does parcel tracking do?

As the shipper, transmitting the delivery number to the recipient proves them that you have shipped their order, and also allows you to verify that they have received it. In addition, if the package does not arrive on time, you can see what stage of transport the blockage is at, and react more effectively. Thus, you avoid possible tensions with clients who are in a hurry, perpetually worried or unscrupulous, and you avoid sometimes heated discussions where you have to, ultimately, take the other at their word.


As the recipient,  you can also check the exact status of your order. Was it supported by the carrier? Has it left the country of dispatch, has it arrived in the country of destination? Is it blocked in customs, export, or import? Was it delivered in your absence, or how soon is it expected to arrive? So many answers that will allow you to reassure yourself and to better plan the reception.

How can I track my package?

You can track the package online, directly on our site, or on that of the chosen service provider. To do this,  simply have the packing slip number ready and write it down in the appropriate section. If you are the sender, you will have received it when ordering your service, if you are the recipient, it will have been sent to you normally. The main carriers also offer to track your packages by telephone or SMS, these services may be chargeable according to the rates in force.

How does shipment tracking software work?

Tracking number

The Shipment online tracking tools allow you to follow the delivery stages of your package step by step, until delivery.

Shipment tracking information is available for 30 days following the date of dispatch of the package.

The parcel is delivered by your postman during his round or a specialized factor for the parcel rounds.

If there is no signature obligation and the size of the package allows it, it will be left in the letterbox.

If this is not possible, the package will be returned to you the next day. In the event of further failure, the package will then be available at the nearest post office and may be delivered to the recipient upon presentation of an identity document.

Shipment tracking number

Where can I find the Shipment tracking number?

The unique Shipment tracking number is located under the barcode on your delivery slip and proof of deposit, or on your transit advice note.

Shipment tracking

This tracking number could also be sent to you by email or SMS by the sender if you are the recipient of the package.

Constitution of the Shipment tracking number

A Shipment tracking number is made up of 13 letters & numbers. It begins either with a number (5, 6, 7, 8 or 9) for Shipment France & Overseas or with the letter C for International Shipment.

Here is the start of Shipment tracking numbers which Shipping Tracking Software uses to follow up depending on the type of shipment :

15 digit tracking number company: FedEx Tracking they use 12 or 15 (usually 15) 18 digit tracking number company: UPS tracking13 digit tracking number company: USPS 14 digit tracking number company: DHL Tracking: FedEx Ground & Express tracking 

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