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Questioning, doubts about the future, stress, and discomfort at work ... The anxiety-provoking period we are living has an impact on our professional life and our well-being at work, even for those who are lucky enough to have a job. To stay motivated and move forward in a more positive way, discover those 3 tips of our specialist to keep you on track.

Make a career plan

Finding your 'why' and setting professional goals are very important elements in helping motivation at work. Indeed, in order to always remain passionate and motivated by your work, it is important to make a life goals list. What are the goals that I want to achieve in the short term, long term? Do I want to climb the ladder? Change department? These are all examples of career choices that we can question ourselves. Although it is important to think about it first, it is important to discuss it with your immediate supervisor so that the latter is aware of our aspirations and helps us achieve them. Therefore, when a position becomes available or an opportunity arises, your immediate supervisor will be able to inform you quickly if this fits with your career plan. Besides, management could even create a new position to meet your aspirations in order to be sure to keep you with the company. In addition to being able to progress professionally, having a career plan allows you to stay motivated at work, to put all possible efforts to achieve your professional goals.

Congratulate yourself

We know that in business, it is essential that the employer take the time to recognize the work of his talents when the opportunity arises. However, the reality is that even if the opportunity arises, the work will not necessarily be recognized. Most employers are overwhelmed and don't know the direct impact that recognition has on their talents. While it's always flattering to receive congratulations from your employer or peers, why should we wait for someone to congratulate us when we can recognize ourselves. Taking the time to celebrate every little victory, whether it's completing a project or simply learning something new during the week, every victory counts. Recognizing your work yourself will definitely motivate you to continue and even increase your self-confidence. After all, you are never better served than by yourself! 

Differentiate between personal and professional life

Separating your work life from your personal life can be difficult, especially when we are telecommuting. However, it's important to do this so that you don't feel like you're working from waking up to bed. If you work in the office, take the travel time as a time to decompress from your day and start getting into homecoming mode with the family. When you get there, you can talk to your family about your day, but aim for a maximum of 5-10 minutes of discussion about work. If you spend the evening talking about your day, you'll feel like you've never left the office and it could have a direct impact on your motivation to get back to work the next morning.

If you're telecommuting, having a workspace where you just work is ideal. Once the day is over, you close the doors to your office and feel complete that your day is over. If you work at your kitchen table for example and you see your equipment all evening, you will only think about your day tomorrow and will feel like you are working from Monday morning to Friday evening at all times and you will lose the motivation to clean house and you will get bored very fast. Taking the time to separate your two environments makes a real difference in your motivation. Plus, it allows your brain to associate the elements with the right functionality. The kitchen table is for eating, not for working, and the desk is for working. We believe it has no effect,

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