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Do you like to experience new intoxicating sensations? Well, you are not going to be disappointed by opting for a Nuru massage session. Combining sensuality, eroticism, and relaxation, this practice is very fashionable. It also has many benefits from a psychic and physical point of view. What is the principle of Nuru massage? How is the session going? And who can benefit from its benefits? The following paragraphs help you answer these questions.

What is a Nuru massage?

Coming straight from Japan, this practice is increasingly popular in massage parlors. In fact, Nuru massage owes its name to the Nuru gel. It is a gel made from nori algae and is used for its many therapeutic properties. One of them is, for example, the preventive effect of prostate cancer. The term Nuru means "slippery". And it is its use during the session that distinguishes this practice from other types of massage. However, it is mixed with other plant extracts and other ingredients like aloe.

The Nuru massage is therefore an activity of relaxation and escapes par excellence. And although it is similar to an erotic massage, it does not have a sexual connotation.

How is the session going?

During the Nuru massage sessions, the two protagonists (masseuse and masseur) are completely naked. Indeed, it should be noted that this practice is similar to a body massage. For this purpose, the practitioner can use all the parts of his body to perform the massage. The masseur or the masseuse, moreover, envelops the body of the person being massaged and exerts pressure, caresses, and touches all over his body. The breasts, buttocks, and all of the body, therefore, benefit from a real moment of sensuality. And thanks to the Nuru gel, movements are smoother. To enhance the sensations felt, the gel can be mixed with hot water.

Moreover, to promote this moment of purely sensual pleasure, the massage is carried out in a relaxing atmosphere. With the dim light, the room warmed and scented with candles, and the soft music playing subtly, the session can only relax you and rekindle your desire.

Who is this practice intended for?

As a sensual massage, the nuru massage is above all intended for people in search of pleasure and intense well-being. For this purpose, it is particularly indicated for people wanting to awaken their libido. Also, this practice can be beneficial for men who have problems with premature ejaculation. The effleurages and caresses carried out in the private parts help, in fact, to better control his body while taking full advantage of the session.

Also, Nuru massage, because it can be likened to erotic massage, is intended for couples wanting to experience new sensations. The atmosphere, the caresses, the effleurages as well as the use of all the parts of the body make it possible to spice up the sexual life. Thus, this massage is ideal as a preliminary by stimulating both spouses and boosting their libidos.


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