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Television is one of the inventions that generated a great change in humanity since it transformed the way things were transmitted in an era dominated by the radio and also set a precedent for the diffusion of different forms of entertainment that in these days they are quite common.

With the great revolution that brought images moving in black and white and later in color, it could be considered as an innovative device that only brings benefits to people, but the reality is that it has also brought with it other types of situations that are not so pleasant, so it is necessary to see both their positive and negative sides to fully understand what this technology brought.

Some of the advantages could be the following :  


For young children, it can be a good way to begin to learn their own language in addition to what they hear from their own parents. As it grows, it becomes a useful tool to know the world, learn about other cultures, different cities, and much more.

There are also programs that contain a message with some teaching that invites us and reflect and from which you can definitely learn a lot. Whether you are talking about values ​​and family or even caring for the environment, you can always find something good to see.

It is a form of entertainment.

Undoubtedly one of the reasons why many people enjoy television is because it offers a wide variety of programs to entertain themselves according to the tastes of each one. There are cartoons for a younger audience, sports for those who practice or enjoy them, movies and novels for those who like drama or comedy.

one of the most famous entertaining types of shows are series and reality shows. some people like foreign shows which are famous in other cultures English and Indian ones are two of the most famous. For famous foreign reality shows, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is on Indian top currently catching all the eyes to the vote In India.


Broadcast news to many people.

Despite the introduction of social networks as a way to stay informed, there is no doubt that television has always been the preferred medium to receive local and world news at different times.

The newscasts are useful since they make us aware of what is happening around us, to know if there were accidents, protests and even allow us to know if the day will be clear or rainy in small sections for the weather.

Great medium to advertise.

Due to its wide scope, it is an excellent tool to publicize a special product. People who start a business and need clients can make an effort to hire a space in a commercial to acquire more people interested in their product.

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