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Before starting to guide you to choose the vape that best suits you, we will start by talking about what they are and what they are for:

A vaper or better known as an "electronic cigarette" Is a device that in its functions simulates those of a conventional cigarette. It is used to replace the act of smoking or is usually used by people who do not smoke.

These are responsible for releasing nicotine or not (optional) through the heating of a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and food-grade flavorings, in this way instead of smoking a cigarette, you have the option of vaping the flavors that you like the most. How to choose the vape that best suits you?

A smoker who has made the decision to change his habit by vaping should take these 4 steps when choosing:

Measurements and design: 

It is important to bear in mind that a vape is a device that you are going to carry everywhere and use continuously, if it weighs or is very uncomfortable you will end up leaving it at home or leaving it anywhere, look for the lightest and most comfortable option for you.

Another essential thing is an elegant design or that you simply like, it is also important that you can observe the amount of remaining liquid and choose one that has spare parts. Remember that the most important thing is functionality and ease of use in general. 

Battery and resistance:

This is something very important when choosing your vape, if you don't want me to leave you lying in the middle of the day, follow these tips:

  • If the battery is of high voltage and its resistance is low, the device will have high power but low autonomy. We recommend 1000mAh upwards, so you will have a use for a whole day.


Recharge system

The performance of the device is another of the most important aspects to consider for the correct choice. Today vapers charge quickly and easily in general. But that's not why you should stop paying attention to this matter, however simple it may be, there will always be more complicated vapers than others. Always looking for the performance to be the best compared to the others.

Quality and style

Quality of e-liquid or e-juice: this will play a very important role in terms of the quality it offers the user. They must be made in professional laboratories and directed by specialists. When choosing any product, you should look at the brand and reputation of its supplier. Likewise, you must be very attentive to the guarantees they offer, as this indicates the way in which a company follows its products in the long term. you also must consider your own preferences for liquid types as some would prefer Rove carts and other types of herb carts.

Remember these electronic devices offer a great number of benefits and for this reason, buying one of them can allow you to satisfy all aspects of tobacco, nicotine, sensations, and the taste of the vapor.


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