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There are quite a few careers for those who love numbers, but finance jobs seem ideal for those who enjoy working with numbers followed by the $ sign. Advising clients, managing their portfolios, being open-minded, and developing your communication skills… if these are skills that you have, a job in finance could be the job of your dreams.

We have interviewed one of our finance mentors to give you five great reasons to pursue a career in the financial industry.


1. It is a dream job for lovers of numbers

If you are in love with numbers and want to have a job where your actions have concrete results, look no further! Your job will be to read and interpret the numbers in order to make the best possible decisions for your clients. Where and how to invest money, which investments to prioritize at what times, and more. You will be constantly stimulated and called upon to give the best of yourself.

2. You will be able to apply your professional knowledge in your personal life

Finance is a sector that touches on essential aspects of our lives. Since financial education is not widespread, being able to apply your professional knowledge to your personal life is not bad! Moreover, having a good idea of ​​best financial practices is a significant asset in building your personal wealth.


3. It is a stimulating and rapidly changing work environment

Working in the financial sector means working in an environment that must constantly evolve to keep up to date with technological advances. Along with new technologies, things are changing rapidly in terms of security, customer service, the environment and internal processes.

It is not only the processes and technologies that are updated regularly, continuous training is also offered to employees, which allows them to update their knowledge.


4. Opportunities for advancement

These are almost endless since all sectors of activity need experts in finance, whether internally or as a consultant. In addition, it is a well paying field where there is a wide range of possible jobs and careers. In every business in almost every industry, there will always be a quantity of jobs available for financiers. In short, you will not be unemployed and you will be able to work in various sectors!

5. A career in finance can take you anywhere

We talked above about career opportunities in just about any industry that you might be interested in. This ranges from charity (you could also choose to work for a non-profit) to pure technology, like a career at Google for example.

In addition to these career opportunities, there are opportunities to travel to major global financial centers (New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai) as part of your job. Sick!

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