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We cannot repeat it enough, getting a tattoo is not a trivial act. Better to take the time to think about your tattoo, rather than regret it a few years later. But faced with the range of possibilities, how do we choose the tattoo that suits us best? A small practical guide to help you define your tattoo project.


Getting a tattoo is an irreversible act (unless you consult an aesthetic doctor to have your tattoo erased with a laser), we, therefore, advise you not to take this decision lightly or on a whim. During this phase of reflection, you can gradually define your tattoo project according to several criteria.


This is probably not the criteria you first thought of, but the budget you have available for getting a tattoo will play an important role in your project. Indeed, there is no point in starting to imagine a big room if your budget does not allow it.


Once you've set your budget, you can start thinking about where to place your tattoo. Again, several criteria can help you make your decision.

For example, if you prefer your tattoo to remain invisible to others, avoid placing it on the back of your hand or your neck. I recommend in this case to make a tattoo on thigh you can find creative and sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas on the websites like world tattoo portal. also, they have other great tattoo ideas on all areas of the body.

Also, think about how your body will change over time. For example, young women are not advised to get a tattoo on their stomach, at the risk of seeing their tattoo deformed during a possible pregnancy.


Now comes the most difficult phase in choosing your tattoo: the design. Since this one will accompany you all your life, choose it well. If you are good with a pencil, you will be able to make your tattoo designs. But if not, don't panic! you can check the ideas in world tattoo portal They have a wide range of tattoo ideas.


Depending on whether you choose to do a purely aesthetic tattoo or a tattoo that has a special meaning, several solutions are available to you to imagine your motif.

World Tattoo Portal

You probably already know that the Internet is a real gold mine. And thanks to it, you can quickly find tattoo ideas with just a few clicks. The ideal is to take a look at World Tattoo Portal and save your favorite tattoos. 


In specialized magazines, during tattoo conventions, or even directly in their salons, do not hesitate to get in touch directly with tattoo artists. They can give you valuable advice on choosing your tattoo and even draw one for you.


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