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In response to the many subscriptions and packages (sometimes very expensive) offered by traditional channels, IPTV has become the most common way to avoid the monopoly of the latter. Indeed, the number of individuals willing to spend a good part of their salary to follow their favorite programs is decreasing, and IPTV codes seem to be the key to maximum savings at this level.

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IPTV: what does it consist of?

The principle of IPTV is simple, it is a technology that allows access to various programs and television channels via the Internet. It is a mode of access to the multitudes of existing channels thanks to a form of streaming. For many years now, this technology has disrupted the monopoly of companies providing different subscriptions and packages to access traditional channels.

In addition, thanks to their "streaming" nature, IPTV subscriptions generally allow you to watch or re-watch your favorite programs on demand. Thus, there are 3 different viewing modes concerning IPTV. As mentioned previously, the “replay” function is possible, in the video-on-demand mode, just like direct or delayed. A considerable advantage, allowing at the same time to have access to a maximum of contents, while being able to manage its time and not having to adapt to the schedules of diffusion. But while this technology is more and more coveted, and more and more talked about, most people use it without knowing the ins and outs.

How does it work?

It is, therefore, necessary in a second step to explain how IPTV works. IPTV differs in particular from a traditional fiber optic cable, by broadcasting its content not by light pulses, but through a broadband Internet connection. As a result, IPTV codes make it possible in some ways to avoid standard viewing modes. Thus, IPTV can be used through different media. It is possible to access IPTV applications with your phone, with your computer, or with a compatible decoder.

Depending on their preferences, some will opt instead for access on a computer or telephone, to be able to be mobile while enjoying IPTV applications, while others will favor the purchase of a decoder compatible with them, to follow their favorite programs. at home, as if they were just watching television through standard package subscriptions. Either way, IPTV will allow anyone to access video streaming through the internet. The only condition to enjoy IPTV is therefore to have an internet connection, whether via Wifi or the 3G or 4G network.

In general, these applications work very well, although the quality of the decoder and the internet connection are important variables. IPTV works as streaming sites do, which is why the quality of the decoder and above all of the network are essential elements for good viewing by its users.

VPN and IPTV: a recommended alliance

 We present to you the advantages of a VPN for IPTV.

What is a VPN?

First of all, you should know that the VPN (Virtual Private Network), is a virtual private network, allowing interconnection of different local networks, which acts as a "tunnel" between them. The goal is actually to transmit data encrypted from one network to another. The purpose of a VPN is to create a secure internet connection to exchange data. The user, by connecting to the VPN, can see all the data streams filtered by the latter, which encrypts them.

Concretely, a VPN allows its user to have access to websites or applications that are not available in the geographical area where they are located. For example, the social network Facebook is banned in China. To get around this ban, resorting to a VPN is the ideal solution. Also, the role of the VPN is therefore to protect internet browsing by encoding the data. VPNs are experiencing a considerable boom today, and appear to be major players in this sector.

With fasttv, you can get a free VPN with any IPTV subscription to maximize the efficiency of the subscription, it seems interesting to associate its use with VPN. This is what most users do, and the recommendations go completely in this direction.


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