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Taking a hot air balloon ride can be everyone’s dream. This is a perfect trip for people who love to travel the world and have adventures. Flying over the sea, rivers, and lakes is very attractive. It is an exquisite sight to fly in the open air and sky and see the views around.

Hot air balloon rides are particularly popular in Turkey. But now it has been done in India for many years. India is a beautiful country, and its beauty is so good that it cannot be described in words. Imagine seeing the beauty of your country from the sky. It would be a wonderful sight.

Believe me, once you ride a hot air balloon, you will zone out from your daily lives and will enjoy each and every moment in the basket while floating in the air. Skywaltz makes sure that your balloon flight is safe at all times. Skywaltz has been providing its services to its customers for many many years now.

The trend of hot air balloon rides is going on in India too. Now more people know about it than before. But there are some places in our country where hot air balloon rides are mainly done. In this article, we have mentioned a few of such places where you can go for a Sky Waltz hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloon ride in Lonavala

You all know the beauty of Lonavala; beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and hills. This beauty cannot be described in words. So just imagine how it would be nice to see all these beautiful things flying from the sky with the Sky Waltz hot air balloon ride. For a while, you will think that you have gone into a dream world. So contact Skywaltz today and experience the hot air balloon ride today.

Bandhavgarh tiger reserve

If you like to go on jungle safaris or you want to get the feel of the jungle, then you should contact Skywaltz today. Skywaltz is the only one who gets you a hot air balloon ride over the forest. So whenever you go to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, do enjoy a hot air balloon ride there. If you like wildlife, then this is a good chance for you to have your fun doubled.

Now you can see Tiger running around while riding in a hot air balloon in Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh is the first place where you can enjoy hot air balloon rides as well as tiger sightings. All this is possible only because of Skywaltz. Skywaltz has become the first hot air balloon ride service in India that provides hot air balloon rides from above the Tiger Reserve.

Pushkar hot air balloon ride

Pushkar is a very holy place in Rajasthan. Here you feel a lot of positive energy. This place is very attractive. There you can experience the Rajasthani village and feel the culture.

Here you can find the world’s largest fair. This fair is so huge that you will get to do many activities within it, one of which is the Skywaltz Hot Air Balloon Ride. How nice it would be to get up high and swing at the fair, to see the shops from a height. If you also want to take advantage of all these views, then you should contact Skywaltz without hesitation.

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