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Hot air balloon rides are exciting and adventurous ideas in foreign, but having them in India seems to be more amusing. The concept has taken better time in India, with the help of better interest and investment. Nowadays, you could witness a plethora of places that provide a hot air ballooning experience that offers certain wonderful scenes. Experience the most amazing and best balloon ride of your life in India. The ride provides a great experience and a better view of nature that makes your trip more exciting. 

Best Places For Hot Air Balloon Ride


The best hill station serves as the perfect getaway for adventure lovers, as it is popular for camping spots. Apart from this, the place provides great balloon rides that give you a wonderful view of dense greenery. The best time to experience a balloon ride in Lonavala is between October to May.


If you are fond of historical places and monuments, a balloon ride in Agra would be best for you. The ride provides you with a view of various vehicles running on roads, along with the mesmerizing view of the Taj Mahal from a certain height. The best time to enjoy a balloon ride in Agra is between November to February.


Known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur possesses beautiful palaces and forts along with various fun things to do in JaipurWitness the aerial view of the astonishing architecture with the help of a hot air balloon ride. The amazing landscape of Aravalli would fascinate you in a better way and the best time to experience the ride is between November to January. 


Stretched with a plethora of beaches, Goa has many things to offer in terms of exciting activities, and a hot air balloon ride is one. Experience amazing palm trees, soothing waters, and glistening white sand, from the exciting hot air balloon ride. The best time to experience the ride is between October to March. That offers a better experience. 


Rishikesh is well-known for various recreational activities like river rafting, trekking, and hot air balloon ride. The place offers great views from the sky that makes you feel exhilarated and happy. 

Things To Know During The Hot Air Balloon Ride

While experiencing a skywaltz balloon ride in India you are required to consider certain things in mind that would make your ride more comfortable. To witness exhilarating scenic views from the sky, ensure to consider certain things before having a balloon ride.

Consider timing

As the rides are dependent on weather, it becomes a good idea to possess certain alternative flying days. It is suggested to schedule a flight at the trip's beginning so you might experience flexibility.

Early waking

During hot air ballooning in India safety needs to be in a prior position along with stable winds. And, the winds are highly stable during morning and evening, so you need to get up early in the morning.

Packing of items

There is limited space in the hot air balloon basket, so only bring certain essential items. This might include sunglasses, layers, and comfortable shoes. Furthermore, to capture the panoramic view from the sky, don't forget to carry a camera with you. Ensure to bring a hat, to prevent heat from burner flames.

Listen to staff

Hot air balloon ride is exciting and thrilling but it also includes risks. The staff would brief you on various safety instructions, especially for landing and take-off. Make sure to follow their guidelines for safety and to make it more exciting. 


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