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Hot air balloon rides are usually a great idea of fun at a foreign destination, but to have it in India is highly amusing. This amazing concept might be great in India, along with the help of some interest and investment. And now, you could search for several places that provide a hot air ballooning experience that offers you some breathtaking sceneries. So, make yourself ready to witness the most amazing ride of your life, and here are some of the best destinations in India that provide the most unique rides. Let’s dive into these awesome destinations.

Majestic rides of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the most beautiful places where you can experience hot air balloon rides where it would take you amidst the lush green hills of the area. This experience would be highly worthwhile and residents could enjoy this unique ride as it is situated just one and a half hours away from the main city. 

Rides of Madhya Pradesh

Enjoy the most charming hot air balloon ride in Madhya Pradesh, especially in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve as it is India’s first wildlife hot air balloon safari. Experience the fascinating National Park via balloon rides in Bandhavgarh and make your trip worthwhile. Enjoy the sight of various species of flora and fauna along with calm and glistening lakes.

Experience mesmerizing views of Uttar Pradesh

Express your love to your partner by proposing to him/her on a hot air balloon ride and that too above the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal – an exotic feeling. This hot air balloon ride would be a great opportunity for any person who desires to express his/her feelings for someone special. Besides this, if the weather allows, you could view the majestic landscape of the region.

View Manali hills from a hot air balloon ride

Just imagine that you are flying over the Himalayas and the view that everything gets smaller when you move up in the high sky. Experience the breathtaking view of hills as this is the hot air balloon ride of Manali. This exotic hot air balloon ride has made its space in tourists’ hearts and has captivated everyone’s hearts.

Enjoy rides in Jaipur

Enjoy hot air ballooning in Jaipur that provides you the experience of the most majestic view of the landscape and would make your hot air balloon ride a worthwhile one. Balloon travel in Jaipur would be the most enjoyable experience for you as you could view the most magnificent palaces of the region along with various bustling bazaars of the region. 


So, what are you waiting for? With these various options, the sky’s the limit for your next hot air ballooning adventure. With so many options available, you could take a trip to some of the best destinations and enjoy the best time of your life. But, opt for the best balloon travel company to enjoy the most fruitful riding experience. Floating amidst a sky that is close enough to the land seems to be adventurous and calm at the same time. Enjoy the most unique experience and cherish every moment of your life.

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