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It is possible to fly hot air balloons in the rain but it is not secure to do so for the following reasons:

Temperature: The air inside a hot air balloon can achieve temperatures of 100°C. If raindrops on the balloon, it cools the air, forcing the balloon to rapidly sink. To repay for the air cooling, the pilot must start the burners to reheat the air. A little amount of propane gas is taken by a balloon to fuel the burner. In heavy rain, the burner must run constantly, which may weaken the propane supply. Furthermore, extreme use of the burner may induce damage to the balloon's material.

The rain can make the balloon heavier, accelerating its decline. Hot air cooling and a heavier balloon make control more difficult, and even light rain can have a powerful impact.

Safety and comfort

A hot air balloon ride for two should be relaxing, pleasant, and, most significantly, safe. Good visibility, dry climate, and winds of less than 10 miles per hour are perfect.

If it rains during a flight, the rain can blow in and absorb the passengers, creating an uncomfortable flight.

Hot air balloons are the safest way to fly in a good climate. A professional pilot can land a balloon in the rain, but due to the dangers, he or she will never fly if it is showering or rain is forecast.

Even if there is no rain at the moment of launch, a hot air balloon flight may be cancelled. This is because the pilot has read the weather forecast and is mindful that it's possible that it will rain soon.


Even if there is no shower on the flight, the landing area may be very messy if it has been showered heavily before the flight. A pilot will still generally fly in these situations, but passengers should wear messy-field footwear.

The joy of an adventure balloon rides

A hot air balloon flight is an earlier-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Passengers often book trips months or weeks in advance and are understandably dissatisfied if a flight is cancelled due to rough weather.

Hot air balloon pilots enjoy flying as well, but their focus is a safe and relaxing flight, which is why a flight may be cancelled due to cloudy or rainy weather. In these circumstances, we hot air balloon Madhya Pradesh will reschedule the flight for another date when, hopefully, the climate will be more useful and you will be capable of flying safely.

Can a hot air balloon fly indefinitely?

As the air heats, the lifting force overwhelms gravity and forces the balloon to fly. The balloon will not stay in the air indefinitely because the air in the balloon will ultimately cool, causing the balloon to land.

Can I get my camera onboard?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a camera with you on the flight. We do suggest, however, that you get a proper soft case with you to restrict the camera down during the hot air balloon ride's landing.


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