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Pushkar, a rich cultural town in Rajasthan is a very popular place known for its culture, history, adventures, legends, enchanting streets, ancient temples, calm ghats, and bustling bazaars. Pushkar is a little town that provides the best experiences to every tourist and rejuvenates their soul with its attractive tourist places. There are several things to do in Pushkar that includes exploring ancient temples, enjoying hiking, experiencing camel rides, adventure hot air balloon rides, and rooftop cafes. These things are entirely varied and make it a gateway for tourists with varying tastes. Check the few things to do in Pushkar and add them to your trip plan.

Thrilling jeep safari

Pushkar offers great adventure to adventure lovers and allows tourists to enjoy jeep safari in deserts. Driving through lonely deserts and viewing ancient forts, remote villages, temples. And palaces in Pushkar has become a most demanding activity among photography and adventure lovers.

Hot air balloon ride

If your trip date coincides with Pushkar camel fair i.e. from 23 October to 4 November every year. Then you can enjoy balloon travel in Pushkar. The hot air balloon ride is one of the most exciting and adventurous things to do in Pushkar and it should be on your list on number one. Experience the beautiful city, its temples, lake, and forts from above, and make your experience exquisite.

Exciting camel safari

Experiencing a camel safari and exploring dunes is not only the most charming thing but also the most attractive thing to do in Rajasthan. Explore the rugged paths along with offbeat trails and also view the desert hamlets and their vivid topography. Camel safari allows tourists to witness beautiful sunsets and sunrises over dunes.

Enjoy desert camping

To stay overnight amidst the desert is another famous thing to do in Pushkar. To camp in the desert along with enjoying musical performances and savoring delicious food is something, you must try. There are even luxury camps for people who desire luxury and these luxury camps provide a unique experience to every tourist.

Experience trekking

Are you truly interested in hiking? If yes, then never miss out on the opportunity to climb the most beautiful place of Pushkar called Ratnagiri Hills. Enjoy a 1.5 km trek during the evening. As it would be the best time to enjoy a photogenic and exotic sunset view. Moreover, experience the view of people trekking via hot air balloon ride in Pushkar.

Shopping in bustling bazaars

Rajasthan is a famous place for shopping lovers and Pushkar is no exception to indulge in a great shopping experience and enjoy it. Improve your bargaining skills during shopping at Pushkar’s most famous and noisy bazaars and shop for various amazing and attractive items such as Rajasthani puppets, souvenirs, home decoration items, textiles, jootis, traditional dresses, jewelry. And various other things.

Dip into Pushkar lake

Pushkar lake is considered to be the most sacred lake of Hindus and is the most famous pilgrimage site in India. Tourists could view more than 400 temples and 53 ghats that surround the lake and offer the tourists a pious experience. View the holy dip of people into the lake via adventure hot air balloon rides and be a part of various religious activities on ghats.


Pushkar offers tourists to enjoy several things ranging from hot air balloon rides to jeep safari. From shopping for items to savoring tasty food. But, for a safe hot air balloon ride, you need to choose the best balloon travel company in India that offers an unforgettable and blissful experience.


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