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Have a keen desire to explore the dark and deep mysteries of a jungle, inaccessible via road? Onboard a unique aircraft! Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve would allow you to enter into its zone and you could explore its authentic wildlife, huge cats in action mode from height. This unique and most adventurous type of balloon travel in Madhya Pradesh should be on top of the list of every wildlife lover. Moreover, Madhya Pradesh launched India’s first hot air balloon ride in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve situated in the Umaria district in December last year. 

The hot air balloon rides would only be restricted to buffer areas and you could enjoy the view of leopards, tigers, Indian sloth bears, and various other wild animals from a certain height. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has become the first Tiger Reserve Park in India to launch a hot air balloon in Madhya PradeshThis excellent initiative would not only offer tourists a great experience but would also simultaneously lower human interference in animals’ natural habitats and would make a safe place for animals to live in. 

Hot air balloon ride over Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Bandhavgarh National Park is considered to be a rejuvenating paradise for tourists who want to escape into the wild. Its major attraction spots include the white tiger, Bengal tiger, some rare species of deer, leopards, and vast green land that also varies in its topography. So, if you are planning to visit this place and that too via famous hot air balloon rides along with some other activities. 

For tourists who want to rejuvenate their soul amidst wildlife and nature, this National Park is the perfect destination spot. This awesome National Park remains open from October to June and you could pay a visit anytime. The best time to experience a hot air balloon ride over the National Park is from October to March and in the early morning or late evening when the weather remains calm and peaceful.

This National Park includes exotic and diverse types of flora as well that could enchant you, experience this stunning view of various flora species from a certain height via hot air balloon Madhya Pradesh ride. Enjoy the flowing rivers and perennial streams from amidst the sky and feel the calmness rushing in your body. Also, witness varying types of animals and birds that you have never seen before in your life. Experience this beautiful green heaven that includes a huge variety of flora and fauna, glistening rivers, lush greenery, and a wide variety of tigers. A perfect delight for nature and adventure lovers. 


The hot air balloon ride would be operated by SkyWaltz balloon safari as it is a government-approved commercial hot air balloon operator, along with the country’s first licensed balloon operator. They would provide excellent hot air balloon service from a certain height and ensure the safety of tourists and animals as well. Under their flight, you would be able to experience the most unique ride of your life that would become unforgettable. Make your trip more incredible and enjoyable by viewing this stunning natural landscape. The sky waltz balloon safari is very safe, and properly organized, and it carries out the flight very cautiously and makes tourists extremely happy. 

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